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There’s no question that Utah is one of the best places to film movies, tv shows, documentaries, mini-series, Youtube content, and everything in between.

If you shot locally, why not edit locally?

You don’t have to go to New York City or Los Angeles to get your video project edited.

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Michael Bradshaw Video Editor Salt Lake City Utah

Meet our Lead Editor

Michael Bradshaw

Michael has worked on award-winning projects, ranging from feature length movies to high-impact corporate pieces, including two Emmy Award winning television programs, The Song that Changed My Life (starring Howard Jones) and Winter Thaw (starring John Rhys-Davies). Other film and television credits include Instrument of War, Man in the Camo Jacket, and the popular CW series The Outpost (filmed right here in Utah). 

“Editing is finding the right pulse of the story; exploring the purpose with meaningful, well-timed cuts, all while getting the perfect emotional feel with pacing and music. Working, then re-working, then tweaking, then finding out that it didn’t work and starting again with renewed ideas is what the editing process is all about.”

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