Utah Video

Full video post-production services right here in Utah

Salt Lake City, Provo, Ogden, Park City, and surrounding areas have some of the best video post-production services available for all types of video finishing needs.

We can arrange any additional post services you may need along with the Editor.

We work with full turn-key facilities that offer complete post-production packages to individuals who specialize in a single specific service.

Additional Post Services

  • Lead / Fine Cut Editor
  • Assistant Editor
  • Logging Assistant
  • Dailies Editor
  • Storyboard Editor
  • Online Editor
  • Post-Production Supervisor
  • Colorist
  • Visual Effects service recommendations
  • Sound Design
  • Stock and/or temp music placement
  • Scored Music

Video Editing Rates

Utah Video Editing provides many options for a variety of budgets. From Flat Rates (per video or per project) to Hourly Rates.

Hourly Rates

  • No "to the hour" rounding up
  • Quarter-hour increments
  • Invoiced for only hours used

Flat Rates

  • Per video or project
  • Misc. costs invoiced separately
  • 50% Deposit upfront

Day Rates

  • Full-day booking (8 hours)
  • Unlimited videos/projects
  • Estimated 25% deposit upfront

*Rates for non-editing services not-included.

Location options

  • Our recommended Post-Production Facilities
  • Your Post-Production Facility
  • At Editor’s private home (no client visits)
  • Mobile / On-site / On-set

Editors Where You Need Them

Do you already have an Edit Bay available? Do you need an Edit Bay? Do you need an Editor on-set? Can the Editor just work from home?
  • We can be where you need us.

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